Craps 3-4-5x

These 2 collections total 960.00, and they have offered to settle for 40%.When they converted me to the green CashRewards card (before quicksilver) my account was only a week or so I agree that credit steps doesnt mean much.I have Cap One Secured since February reporting good every month.I just was denied an Amazon store card 2 days ago and they stated my score is 591 (score range of TU from 300-850).

TU:597Current Scores: EQ:694 EX:714 TU:711Goal Scores: 700 across the board.My current scores are 536, 536, and 530, I really want to get them to 620 (Mid score at least) by the end of the year to buy a house.I got my scores up to 650-660, should be going up more next month once IF parents Amex AU reports, and a baddie or two get off.All of the other ones have fees- I have used these a few times- Written to myself and deposited to my bank- It is treated like a purchase-.I spend most of my money on groceries and fast food joints, not so much on gas because my parents pay for most of that, but just the normal college kid stuff.I had send proof of identity and address change to the credit bureaus.

I want to app for my next card mid-November 2012 (year after cap1 inq fades) and PIF settle (hopefully PFD) my collections.I just opened a checking acct at wells fargo and was thinking about their secured card.I have 2 amex NPSL (green and gold-refuse the platinum and the 450 AF).American Express Green - NPSL, Sams Club Discover - 4000, Paypal Smart Connect - 4000, Capital One - 3500, Barclaycard Visa - 2500, Walmart - 1500, Discover IT - 1000, Ashley Furniture Home Store - 1000, Care Credit - 1000.I have learned quite a bit (and still learning) since lurking the forums in the past 3 months, but I got really antsy with Amazon store card and decided to apply since I frequently purchase from them.Other than that, I have no other lates, no collections, public records, BK, nothing.

Or just use the cap1 responsibily (keep util under 10%, pay on time etc.) or would it benefit me more to have 2 secured.So back in June i applied for the Cap1 Green cash rewards card, and was denied due to having the max allowed Cap1 cards which is 2.What does 3,4,5 odds mean?. I know that in craps if you have a point of 5 you can take $5 in free odds which. If you want to play 2X odds at a 3-4-5X table,.

Do you possibly know how I would find their information to mail them or email them to get this DV or do I need to call the original creditor and get from them.Now that it has been paid IN FULL, I would appreciate having the lien removed from my reports to make my credit better for the mortgage process.) I received a letter 6 weeks later saying it was accepted and received the withdraw form 2 weeks after.My Goal: To become credit worthy within the next 6 months - 1 year so that I may get an auto loan with a decent interest rate.I had 2 First Premier Cards and 2 Capital One cards that had never missed a payment until this year.I opened the Cap1 card before I started fighting the LVNV and Asset collections, but they are the only ones who would approve me, even with multiple recons to Barclay, chase, and Amazon.

Craps Jackpot Slots Dice Wonder Throne Free Slot Machine for Kindle Offline Slots Free Multi Reels Tap No Wifi doesn't need internet best slots. 3.4 out of 5 stars 29.Do I stay with Cap1 and go for something like Cash rewards for avg credit (hoping they give me a decent start CL for having a little positive history with them Or do I re-evaluate my FIco then and possibly app for a card outside of Cap1.If i pay these to settle, will that affect the date that they fall off.Last thing, 37 years old, oldest account is19 years (student loans-owe about 40k) and mortgage still owe 150k.

Buffer Size: 1048576 bytes, Max Element Size: 1508 bytes, Packets: 0.I dont plan on buying anything major in the next 2 years, and a have a decent collection of cards to continue with a solid history for those 2 years.

I applied for a chase business card with me as guarantor and i was declined, somehwhat upsetting for me.Search the history of over 310 billion web pages on the Internet.Cap1 bought the account and offered me a new card with the balance of the other account added on and raised the limit of credit for every so much dollars paid on the old balance.I have learned my cc lessons the hard way and I know now how to pay the game with the wonderful Forums assistance.I currently have auto loan with Cap1 Auto finance that I would like to refinance.The attorney said Cap1 was wrong, and issued a letter to them stating they needed to address this issue asap.Yes there were days that we counted down until next payday and lived off PB and J and cereal.The Free Odds bet has some weird payouts. You get paid 2:1on a point of 4 or 10, 3:2 on a point of 5 or 9, and 6:5 on a.

I will still have to pay Chase and esurance collection in future.This is for my university of phoenix bill, and they told me that i can make a general payment to take care of the debt.The chart below shows Las Vegas craps table odds vs. the pass line bet in complement with the free odds. One topic that should be pointed out is the 3-4-5x odds.