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A TeamSpeak 3 NPL is limited to a maximum of two virtual servers and up to 512 combined slots.

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TeamSpeak 3 SDK licensing is customized to your project and revenue model.

Teamspeak 3, Teamspeak 3 Servers,. Teamspeak 3 as low as $1.66 10 Slots!. All teamspeak 3 servers are automatically listed in's Public Directory.

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Once you register for an account, add the license by choosing Buy NEW License.

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To use a TeamSpeak Non-Profit License (NPL), you will need to register an account and provide your name, contact information, and an active email address which will be used to generate and deliver your license key.TeamSpeak 3 Server Hosting. 24 Hour Support, Starting from £2, Global Locations, Experienced TeamSpeak 3 Hosting Company.Accurate Server Statistics In addition to monitoring your TeamSpeak 3 Server status regularly, we also keep track of the number of connected users and generate usage.Teamspeak Server Hosting as low as. Additional slot sizes available on. is a fully licensed premium provider of Ventrilo server hosting and Teamspeak servers.

Licensing costs for the SDK are determined on a case-by-case basis.We are confident you will find that our licensing plans are flexible, scalable, and affordable.**What?** A free, 512 slot Teamspeak 3 server. You can make your own temporary channels with a password by: Right clicking > Create Channel >.

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Annual Activation licenses are issued for a period of one year, at which point you may renew your license for an additional year.You will be asked to provide an completed application form, signed license agreement, and copies of your business license and personal identification (depending on business type).

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TeamSpeak Frequently Asked Questions How do I change my TeamSpeak hostname?. You will be able to add or remove slots to your Teamspeak server.The title explains my question, however, does anyone know how I increase my clients at my TeamSpeak 3 server I have currently 32, but I would love a few more, perhaps.

RE: >> FREE TEAMSPEAK SERVER 1500 SLOTS << ty mate appreciate ur release. 4 Months Ago.Loc: IP:Port: Server Map: PREV 1 2 3 4 5. 10 Player Teamspeak 2 Voice Servers for $3.95. 21 Worldwide Locations! GAMETRACKER Servers Teams Profiles Games.ATHP licenses are usage-based, and are billed monthly based on the average number of configured slots for servers which are active during the previous month.

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Upgrading SlotsFree slots automatically added to your server (if applicable) Free plan - 0 slots Advanced plan - 5 slots Ultimate.

Giveaway Free Teamspeak 3 Servers up to 50 slots!. Opened up 25 more server slots as the. know how to work a computer or if I could not get a teamspeak server.Our TeamSpeak servers are affordable for communities of any size and scalable for even the largest clans. Customize A Plan. Slots 20. Add To Cart $0.00/mo.We suggest you only apply when you are ready to start hosting as you will be charged minimum monthly fees even if you are not actively hosting TeamSpeak.